Alpicool C15 Car Mini Fridge – The Perfect Portable Cooling Solution

Alpicool C15 Car Mini Fridge – The Perfect Portable Cooling Solution

Alpicool C15 Car Mini Fridge – The Perfect Portable Cooling Solution


Are you tired of dealing with melted ice and soggy food during your outdoor adventures? Look no further! The Alpicool C15 Car Mini Fridge is here to revolutionize your camping, road trips, and picnics. With its powerful cooling capabilities and portable design, this mini fridge is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Freezes Without Ice & Faster Cooling

With a temperature range of -20°C to 20°C (-4°F to 68°F), the Alpicool C15 car refrigerator offers powerful chilling performance. Whether you need to keep your drinks icy cold or freeze food for later, this mini fridge can do it all. In just 30 minutes, it can cool down to 0°C (32°F), ensuring your food stays fresh and your drinks stay refreshing.

Car Battery Protection

Worried about draining your car battery? Don’t be! The Alpicool C15 comes with a temperature memory function and three different levels of battery protection: Low, Medium, and High. This ensures that your vehicle battery remains protected without running down. You can enjoy your outdoor adventures without any worries.

Super Energy Saving

The Alpicool C15 offers two different modes: MAX and ECO. You can adjust the mode according to your needs. The refrigerating system will automatically stop operating once the desired temperature is reached, conserving energy. It will restart when the temperature in the fridge rises a few degrees. This energy-saving feature makes the Alpicool C15 an eco-friendly choice for your outdoor cooling needs.

Rugged Design

Designed to withstand rough terrains, the Alpicool C15 features a shockproof and durable design. It can handle rocky roads and incline operations up to a 45° angle in a short time. You can trust this mini fridge to keep your food and drinks safe and secure during your adventurous journeys.

Keep Cooling and Fresh

With its reliable sealing property construction and thick, high-density foam insulation, the Alpicool C15 ensures continuous cooling performance throughout your journey. Your food and drinks will stay fresh and cool, no matter how long your trip is. Say goodbye to spoiled food and warm drinks!


The Alpicool C15 Car Mini Fridge is the ultimate portable cooling solution for all your outdoor activities. Whether you’re camping, traveling in your vehicle, or enjoying a picnic, this mini fridge will keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. Don’t compromise on freshness and convenience. Get your Alpicool C15 today and elevate your outdoor adventures!