Gigastone 64GB 5-Pack Micro SD Card – Product Description

Gigastone 64GB 5-Pack Micro SD Card – Product Description

Gigastone 64GB 5-Pack Micro SD Card

Product Description

Capture all the best moments with Gigastone Ultra Plus series micro SD card. The high-performance memory card is designed with fast data transfer speed up to 100MB/s enables users unrestrictedly saving their precious experiences. Gigastone is a professional and globally well-known memory-based company. We locate in different areas such as Asia and North America. By locating in various countries, Gigastone is capable to communicate and support worldwide customers right away without time restriction. We offer most ideal memory cards for customers to experience with. In fact, Gigastone provides unlimited options of memory card in different capacities. To further address, memory card is a combination of two key components (controller as control unit and flash as storage unit). No doubt, Gigastone requests only the best quality by demanding the newest version of controller. With newest controller, memory card is able to support top-rated flash component. Under this circumstance, Gigastone releases only the highest specification memory cards. By testing repeatedly, Gigastone memory card has no issue compatible to most devices. Thus, we are extremely confident to propose our memory cards. Be rest-assured by storing all the most unforgettable experiences; Gigastone serves as your personal and the most secured memory bank.

Product Features

  • [Speed] Read/Write up to 95/30 MB/s, V30 speed grade, Ultra HD (UHD) 4K video recording, UHD 4K gaming.
  • [App] A1 grade provides faster App loading performance for Smartphone & Tablet. Expand smartphone internal storage space. Run App on Micro SD card.
  • [Cost-effective] 5 Micro SD Card, 5 Micro SD to SD Adapter, 5 Mini Case.
  • [Compatibility] Storage expansion for Laptop, Tablet, PC, Smartphones, Camera, DSLR, Dash Cam, Camcorder, Surveillance, e-Reader, Drone, Gaming. Files, Videos, Music. Compatible with Nintendo Switch GoPro Andoroid Samsung Canon Nikon.
  • [Support] Gigastone 5-year limited warranty.

Product Details

Capacity: 64GB 5-Pack

Read/Write Speed: up to 100/50 MB/s

MicroSDXC Memory Card UHS-I U3 A2 V30

Includes Adapter

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