Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan

Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan

Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan


Welcome to the world of Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan! This innovative storage solution is designed to keep your miniatures safe and organized. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a collector, this case is perfect for transporting your miniatures to gaming sessions or displaying them on your shelf.


Metal Trays

Our Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan includes 5 PCS of metal trays. These trays are equipped with magnets, allowing you to easily attach your miniatures. Say goodbye to unstable miniatures and hello to a secure display!

Height Adjustable Tray

One of the standout features of our storage case is the height adjustable tray. You can customize the height between each tray to accommodate the size of your miniatures. This means you can fit more miniatures in a single case, maximizing your storage space.

Installation Needed

Please note that this is a plastic case that requires installation. Don’t worry, though! We provide detailed instructions to guide you through the process. If you encounter any difficulties, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you.

Miniatures Not Included

While our package does not include any miniatures, we have displayed them in our product images to give you an idea of the size and storage capacity of our case. The miniatures belong to our club members and are not for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use this case for miniatures from different games?

Yes, our Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan is designed to accommodate miniatures from various games. The metal trays and height adjustable feature make it versatile for different miniature sizes.

2. How many miniatures can this case hold?

The number of miniatures the case can hold depends on their size and the configuration of the trays. However, on average, our case can comfortably store up to 50 miniatures.

3. Is the case durable for travel?

Absolutely! Our Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan is made from high-quality plastic that is both lightweight and durable. It is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring your miniatures remain safe and secure.

4. Can I purchase additional trays?

Yes, we offer additional metal trays for purchase. You can expand your storage capacity by adding more trays to your Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan.

Thank you for choosing Jucoci Miniatures Storage Case Transportnan. We hope this storage solution enhances your miniature gaming experience. Happy gaming!