Kalawen Latest Double Watch Winder Box – Product Description

Kalawen Latest Double Watch Winder Box – Product Description

Kalawen Latest Double Watch Winder Box

Upgraded Design

The Kalawen dual watch winder is made of high-quality PU leather, ensuring durability and elegance. The box features a highly transparent acrylic glass window and high-quality hardware accessories, adding a touch of sophistication to your watch collection. This handmade PU watch winder box is beautifully decorated, making it the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day.

Automatic Watch Winder

The Kalawen automatic double watch winder is designed to keep your mechanical watches precise. Simply place your favorite wrist watches on the storage box, and the watch winder will automatically wind each watch independently without overwinding. This ensures that your watches are always ready to wear and keeps them in optimal condition.

High Quality

The Kalawen watch winder adopts an advanced Japanese mute motor and transmission, providing a rotating experience close to zero decibels. The newest design rotating disc and memory foam pillow are compatible with a wide range of automatic watches, ensuring a secure and gentle rotation. The high-quality materials used in the construction of this watch winder guarantee its longevity and reliability.

Wide Compatibility

The Kalawen dual watch winder features a rotating disc and two adjustable memory foam pillows, making it compatible with a variety of automatic watches. Whether you have a small-sized watch for women or a large-sized watch for men, this watch winder can accommodate it. Additionally, the large plexiglass cover protects your watches from dust, moisture, and scratches, ensuring their longevity.

Multiple Use at the Same Time

The Kalawen double watch winder can be powered by a 100-240v power source. The package includes a double watch winder, a wiping cloth, a USB-DC power cable, a DC&DC connecting cable, and a manual. With its versatile power options, you can use multiple watch winders simultaneously, providing convenience and efficiency.