PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest – Science Learning Kit

PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest – Science Learning Kit

PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest – Science Learning Kit


The PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest is a unique and innovative science learning kit that provides an exciting opportunity to build and observe your very own ant colony. This ecological nest is suitable for raising a variety of small ants and allows you to add ornaments and decorations to create a personalized environment for your ants.

Whether you place it in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, the PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest is designed to provide the ideal conditions for ants to thrive. With separate areas for feeding, farming, and a water tower, this kit ensures that your ants have everything they need to survive and develop.

Main Features

  • Small Feeding Area: 4.3×4.3×3.5 inch
  • Big Feeding Area: 8.2×4.3×3.5 inch
  • Farm Nest Area: 3.9×3.9×1 inch
  • Water Tower Area: 3.9×3.9×1 inch
  • Farm Nest Area with Gypsum: 3.9×3.9×1 inch
  • Water Tower Area with Gypsum: 3.9×3.9×1 inch

High-Quality Materials

The PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest is made of durable acrylic with a thickness of approximately 6mm. This ensures that the nest has a longer lifespan compared to other materials. The transparency of the acrylic allows for clear observation of the ants’ movements, providing an immersive learning experience.

Customizable and Expandable

The PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest can be easily connected and attached to other areas, allowing you to create a larger colony nest according to your preferences. The feeding area is the perfect place to customize by filling it with soil, sands, and other decorations, enabling the ants to build a real nest within the farm.

Perfect Gift for Ant Enthusiasts

Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, the PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest makes an excellent gift for both kids and adults interested in insect raising. It provides a unique and educational experience that fosters curiosity and a love for nature.

Installation and Safety

Please note that ants are not included with the PAEOUT Ant Farm Nest. The kit requires self-installation, so it’s important to ensure that children are supervised by an adult during the installation process. Additionally, there is a protective film on the surface of the nest to prevent scratches, which should be removed before installation.

After installing the farm, it is recommended to carefully check all parts and corners for any gaps that may have occurred due to improper installation. To prevent small-sized ants from escaping, it is strongly advised to use glue or tape to seal any gaps.