PanPastel 10 Colour Set – Greens Set

PanPastel 10 Colour Set – Greens Set

PanPastel 10 Colour Set – Greens Set

About the PanPastel 10 Colour Set – Greens Set

PanPastel Colors are genuine artists’ quality pastels, uniquely packaged in a pan, allowing the artist to lift, blend, layer, control, and apply pastel color just like paint! This set includes ten vibrant green colors that will bring your artwork to life.

Main Features

High-Quality Pigments

The ten greens in this set are made with the highest quality pigments, ensuring rich and vibrant colors in your artwork. These pigments have excellent lightfastness, meaning your creations will stand the test of time.

Soft and Blendable

PanPastel Colors are incredibly soft, allowing for smooth and effortless application. The softness of these pastels makes blending a breeze, giving you complete control over your artwork.

Complete Set

With this set, you will receive 2 storage jars, 4 SofftTM covers, 2 sponge bars, and 2 mini applicators. These accessories enhance your artistic experience and provide you with everything you need to create stunning artwork.

More Material

Each pan in this set contains 35% more material than the average pastel stick. This means you can create more artwork without worrying about running out of your favorite colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use these pastels on different surfaces?

Yes, PanPastel Colors can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, canvas, and even wood. Experiment with different surfaces to achieve unique effects in your artwork.

2. Are these pastels easy to blend?

Absolutely! The softness of PanPastel Colors makes them incredibly easy to blend. You can achieve seamless transitions and create beautiful gradients with minimal effort.

3. How long do these pastels last?

These pastels have excellent lightfastness, meaning they will retain their vibrant colors for a long time. With proper care and storage, your PanPastel Colors will last for years.

4. Can I mix these greens with other colors?

Yes, you can mix the greens in this set with other PanPastel Colors to create custom shades and expand your color palette. Let your creativity run wild!

Experience the versatility and quality of the PanPastel 10 Colour Set – Greens Set. Elevate your artwork with these vibrant and blendable pastels. Order your set today and unleash your creativity!