Photography Light Wand – A Portable Tube Light for Stunning Visuals

Photography Light Wand – A Portable Tube Light for Stunning Visuals

Photography Light Wand – A Portable Tube Light for Stunning Visuals


The Photography Light Wand is a versatile and innovative tool designed for photographers and videographers. This handheld LED light stick offers a wide range of features, including RGB and bi-color options, making it perfect for video photography, TikTok, and portrait shots. With its OLED display, magnetic feature, and built-in rechargeable battery, this portable tube light provides convenience and flexibility for capturing stunning visuals.

Main Features

Well-made with LED Display

The Photography Light Wand is made of high-quality metal, ensuring durability and longevity. Its solid construction makes it a reliable tool for any photography or videography project. The LED display on the wand shows the current state clearly, allowing for easy navigation and mode selection.

Full Color Variable RGB Fill Light

With the RGB mode, the Photography Light Wand offers up to 36000 combinations of colors, allowing you to create stunning visual effects. The CCT mode provides ultra-wide stepless dimming color temperature ranging from 2500K to 9900K, giving you full control over the lighting conditions. The HSI mode supports hue, brightness, and saturation adjustment, providing even more flexibility for your creative vision.

Light and Portable

The Photography Light Wand is designed to be lightweight and portable, weighing only 305 grams. It features built-in magnets at both ends, allowing you to attach the light tube to any magnetic surface. Whether you want to lay it flat, hold it in your hand, or mount it on a tripod or light stand, this light wand offers versatility in positioning.

Strong and Long Battery Life

The Photography Light Wand is equipped with a built-in 3.7V 5200mAh high-capacity lithium rechargeable battery. With a USB-C (5V/2A) input, you can easily charge the wand and use it anytime and anywhere to meet your shooting needs. The long battery life ensures that you can capture stunning visuals without worrying about running out of power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the battery last?

The Photography Light Wand has a battery life of approximately 120 minutes at 100% brightness. This duration may vary depending on the selected brightness level.

2. Can I adjust the color temperature?

Yes, the Photography Light Wand offers a color temperature range of 2500K to 9900K, allowing you to adjust the lighting conditions according to your needs.

3. Can I use the wand while it’s charging?

Yes, you can use the Photography Light Wand while it’s charging. The USB-C input allows for simultaneous charging and usage.

4. Is the wand compatible with tripods and light stands?

Yes, the Photography Light Wand features two 1/4 screw holes at both ends, making it compatible with tripods and light stands for easy mounting.

5. What accessories are included in the package?

The Photography Light Wand package includes one RGB full-color light, one USB Type-C cable, and one manual. If you encounter any issues, please reach out to us, and we will ensure a prompt resolution.

Thank you for choosing the Photography Light Wand for your photography and videography needs. Capture stunning visuals with ease and creativity!