Siberian Rhodiola: Max Strength Rhodiola Rosea – 5% Rosavins 2% Salidroside – BioPerine Absorption Enhancement Grown in Siberia DNA Verified – Reduce Stress Enhance Energy & Cognition (60 Count)

Siberian Rhodiola: Max Strength Rhodiola Rosea – 5% Rosavins, 2% Salidroside – BioPerine Absorption Enhancement, Grown in Siberia, DNA Verified – Reduce Stress, Enhance Energy & Cognition (60 Count)

Siberian Rhodiola: Max Strength Rhodiola Rosea


Discover the power of Siberian Rhodiola, a maximum strength supplement that reduces stress, enhances energy, and improves cognition. Grown in Siberia, DNA verified, and with a unique 5:2 ratio of active nutrients, this vegan and raw form supplement is the best in the world.

Max Strength Rhodiola Rosea

Siberian Rhodiola delivers the highest balanced concentration of active nutrients with 5% Rosavins & 2% Salidroside. A majority of Rhodiola only contains 3% Rosavins & 1% Salidroside. If they have only Salidrosides, they are clinically shown to be ineffective.

Siberian Grown, Best in the World, and DNA Verified

Grown in its natural habitat of the Siberian tundra, Siberian Rhodiola benefits from the frigid climate, which leads to the highest expression of active nutrients. It has long been known to be the best in the world. Each batch is DNA verified for species, origin, and potency.

Whole-Plant Synergy with 5:2 Ratio

Clinical research has shown that the active nutrients, Rosavins and Salidrosides, are synergistic in nature and are more effective when taken together in a balanced ratio of 5:2. Rhodiola that is standardized for only Salidrosides is clinically shown to be far less effective.

BioPerine Absorption Enhancement, Raw Form, Vegan

Siberian Rhodiola provides enhanced absorption with the patented BioPerine black pepper extract. It is also delivered in truly raw form, ensuring the preservation of bioactive nutrients. Rhodiola is vegan, GMO-free, 3rd party tested, produced in a GMP certified facility, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Potent Adaptogen – Reduce Stress, Improve Mood, Energy & Cognition

Rhodiola is a known mood and brain booster. It enhances the body’s ability to handle stress, leading to greater relaxation, and is proven to increase energy and alleviate chronic fatigue. As an adaptogen, it also improves physical performance.