TUNTROL Mechanical Fuel Meter – Product Description

TUNTROL Mechanical Fuel Meter – Product Description

TUNTROL Mechanical Fuel Meter

Introducing the TUNTROL Mechanical Fuel Meter, the perfect solution for non-commercial use in diesel, gasoline, and kerosene metering. With its reliable quality, low price, and easy installation, this flow meter is a must-have for all fuel transfer pumps.


  • Large numbers for easy reading
  • Fast zero return rotation
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical installation
  • Adjustable instrument accuracy
  • Two years warranty


  • Flow range: 7-20 GPM
  • Accuracy level: ±1%
  • Nominal diameter (caliber): 1.0 inch
  • Applicable medium: diesel, kerosene, gasoline
  • Product form: mechanical
  • Counting method: Four digits return to zero (0000-999.9L) Eight-digit accumulation (00000000-99999999)
  • Shell material: aluminum alloy
  • Installation direction: vertical or horizontal
  • Working pressure: 0.04-0.1Mpa
  • Maximum working pressure: 50Psi/3.5Bar
  • Bursting pressure: 400Psi/28Bar
  • Working temperature: -10~50°C

Package Content

1 x Mechanical Fuel Meter


Before using the TUNTROL Mechanical Fuel Meter, please ensure the following:

  1. Check the flow meter for any deviations before use to avoid affecting the measurement reading.
  2. The surface of the product may have some oil stains, but it will not affect the use.
  3. During installation, pay attention to the tightness of the interface. Use a gasket or raw tape to enhance the tightness.

Reasons why the oil meter does not turn:

  1. If used in water, it may rust and get stuck.
  2. Add a pre-filter device to prevent foreign objects from jamming the turntable.


The TUNTROL Mechanical Fuel Meter is an easy-to-install and reliable flow meter for accurate measurement of liquid fuel or lubricant dispensed. With its flexible installation options and adjustable instrument accuracy, it is the perfect choice for all your fuel transfer needs.