iLAND Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories

iLAND Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories

iLAND Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories

Transform your dollhouse living room into a modern masterpiece with the iLAND Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories. This set includes a wooden book cabinet, velvet sofa, wooden TV cabinet, plastic TV, wooden floor light, woven carpet, picture, wooden guitar, and glass vase with dried flowers. With its excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, this set is sure to impress.

Main Features

Excellent Craftsmanship

All the pieces in this set are designed in a modern style with excellent craftsmanship. The real wood veins on the book cabinet and guitar add a touch of natural charm. The draws can be opened, and the door of the TV cabinet is movable. The soft velvet sofa has an elegant profile. The peaceful color tone of the set is timeless and will complement any dollhouse.

Mini Things, Big Fun

Designed for dollhouses on a 1:12 scale, this living room set brings big fun to miniature enthusiasts. The vivid and detailed pieces create an attractive art atmosphere in your dollhouse. The set fits all dolls ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches, making it versatile for various doll sizes. Additionally, you can use the set as a decoration on your bookshelf. It also makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for families and friends.

About iLAND

For over 15 years, iLAND has been creating a beautiful imagination world of tiny things and creative crafts. They specialize in designing products for leisure times and creative pleasure. With clients all over the world, iLAND is dedicated to making the world small and making dreams come true. Visit their store for more miniature dollhouse accessories.

Package Details

  • Wooden book cabinet: 15.6*3*15.6cm (6.14*2.42*6.14in)
  • Velvet sofa: 17*7.8*7.2cm (6.7*3*2.8in)
  • Wooden TV cabinet: 11.9*4*5.8cm (4.7*1.6*2.3in)
  • Plastic TV: 8*6.5cm (3.15*2.6in)
  • Wooden floor light: height 10cm (3.9in)
  • Woven carpet: 10*14cm (3.9*5.5in)
  • Picture: 6.5*4.5cm (2.6*1.8in)
  • Wooden guitar: 3.2*8.9cm (1.26*3.5in)
  • Glass vase (with dried flowers): 1.7*2cm (0.67*0.78in)

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At iLAND, customer satisfaction is their top priority. They ensure that these mini things are delivered in special e-commerce packaging to avoid damage and reduce waste. Every product is designed to high-quality standards. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact iLAND immediately, and they will make it right.